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Christy Rush-Levine
Middle School Teacher

5-Minute Wonders: Reading Conference Moves that Make a Big Impact

There is never enough in middle school classrooms — to share all the books you love, to write with conviction and passion about them, and especially, to talk one-on-one with students about how they are growing as readers.

And yet, even if it is not possible to do it all, it is possible to have plenty of thoughtful, rewarding, and rich conversations with students about books.

Christy Rush-Levine takes you into her middle school classroom, and shares the strategies and techniques she uses with her seventh- and eighth-grade readers to deepen their reflection and understanding of books while conferring. And this is all done in five minutes or less, without feeling rushed or constrained by a protocol.

Course Opens: Winter 2020

Matt Renwick
Elementary Principal

Literacy Walks: Shaping a Building Culture of Literacy Instruction

How do schools improve? Certainly not by viewing them as problems to be solved. Rather, literacy leaders can support teaching and learning by adopting the belief that every school is filled with possibility.

One way to reframe our perspective is by shifting how we supervise and support teaching and learning. Through the implementation of literacy walks, leaders seek out promising practices, note and name them during formative visits, and lead coaching conversations with teachers.

The outcome is not only school improvement, especially in literacy, but also a community of learners that engages in continuous improvement as a natural stance toward our profession.

Course Opens: Winter 2020

The Lead Learners hosts
A Gathering of Choice Literacy Contributors

A Gathering of Choice Literacy Contributors
Virtual Saturday 
Date TBD
9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Join Choice Literacy Contributors from across the nation as they share practical ideas and loads of inspiration for our special Virtual Spring Saturday. Meet our speakers as they share session sneak peeks, backstories of their articles, and insights into the importance of CHOICE.

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