Having been an instructional coach in some capacity for the past 14 years, I can testify to some awkward conversations […]
This month’s Literacy Links dive into teaching and scaffolding writers. Using Google Forms for Writing (or Reading) Conferences This blog […]
My daughter, Hannah went on a college visit to Ivy Tech. She’s interested in Ivy Tech’s Transfer as a Junior […]
I am excited to host Christy Rush-Levine, an eighth grade language arts teacher from the suburbs of Chicago. She is […]
Pam Hamilton is an instructional coach and a resource queen. She finds the best information about teaching readers and writers. […]
In 2011, my husband and I were very excited to get our first iPad – 1st Generation.  We quickly loaded […]
I have a friend who is an exercise science major turned teacher. Recently she became an instructional coach and we […]
The Lead Learners are getting VERY techy in order to make registering for professional learning much easier for you.  In […]
Are you hoping to make global connections for your classroom? The GRA — Global Read Aloud — is just what […]
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